Born with a passion to create, I have found the perfect career. My goal is to pursue a lifestyle that combined art, design and computer technology, which explains my degree in Graphic Design from Ontario College of Art and Design University. As a designer, I craft brand experiences. I am able to showcase varied design experiences including: print and digital graphics, packaging, screen printing, hand lettering, painting and illustration, videography, product and portrait photography, as well as editorial and advertising design.

Skills and Software

Another outlet where I release my creative energy my food blog. Yes, I am a lover of food. Seeing as how we eat three or more meals a day, why not spend a little time to make it look and taste delicious?  Im Mad Hungry focuses on restaurants, recipes and products reviews. The photography in my blog reflects what I’ve learned over the years. With an open mind and a hunger for curiosity, my interests grew towards videography during my current employment at Albanese Branding.

Say HI and connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn! Or send me a message using the contact form below.



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