H. Williams Videos


A series of informational videos for H. Williams Jewellery. Tasks included filming and editing. View them here!

My most challenging task at Albanese Branding has been learning about and taking-on videography. This is an area that I am unfamiliar with but hold interest in. By setting high standards for myself, I wanted to produce high quality videos. Research in equipment, filming, lighting and editing took priority. Although I had multiple graphic design projects to accomplish, I was still able to do thorough research. I introduced myself to a new world of software for video-editing and quickly learned shortkeys and shortcuts to work efficiently. It was exciting to incorporate graphic design theory and process into videography.


Camera: Nikon D90 with kit lens

Lighting: 1 umbrella light, 1 spot light

Audio: Sony ECM 44B, Zoom H4n Recorder

Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC